Dexter Cattle - Finnebrogue Woods

The Dexter Cattle

Low intensity farming producing quality meat from a premium herd

With a history of farming enterprises at Finnebrogue Woods, our Dexter cattle herd has grown from five to 90 over the past few years. With Nick’s passion for providing an environment that ensures an excellent standard of animal-welfare, and through selective breeding, we are developing one of the best pedigree herds in Ireland. We aim to provide the highest quality, best tasting meat for our customers.

We would be delighted for you to experience the meat for yourself, so please get in touch to discuss price and availability of cuts.

Why Dexter Cattle?

Dexters are a well-established breed worldwide and are the smallest type of British cattle, making them of particular interest to us. They’re also more manageable to farm and, in our opinion, are very handsome! One of the key traits of Dexter cattle is that they’re also extremely versatile and adapt well to various climates. This means they’re as happy in the woods in winter as they are in the well-managed pastures for the rest of the year.

Our Dexter herd is put out to graze nine months of the year, with the woods providing ample shelter when they need it. This means our cattle are grass-fed for most of the year, resulting in more flavoursome and excellent quality meat, with good marbling.

At Finnebrogue Woods, we’re passionate about producing a premium herd, whilst ensuring our cattle are extremely well cared for. We are fully committed to farming in a responsible and sustainable manner.