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The Dexter Cattle

Low intensity farming and quality meat from a premium herd

With a history of farming enterprises at Finnebrogue Woods, our Dexter cattle herd has grown from five to 90 over the past few years. With Nick’s passion for providing an environment that ensures an excellent standard of animal-welfare, and through selective breeding, we are developing one of the best pedigree herds in Ireland. We aim to provide the highest quality, best tasting meat for our customers. 


Please have a look below at the various cuts we have available, and place your order below. 


Why Dexter Cattle?

Dexters are a well-established breed worldwide and are the smallest type of British cattle, making them of particular interest to us. They’re also more manageable to farm and, in our opinion, are very handsome!  One of the key traits of Dexter cattle is that they’re also extremely versatile and adapt well to various climates. This means they’re as happy in the woods in winter as they are in the well-managed pastures for the rest of the year.

Our Dexter herd is put out to graze nine months of the year, with the woods providing ample shelter when they need it. This means our cattle are grass-fed for most of the year, resulting in more flavoursome and excellent quality meat, with good marbling.

At Finnebrogue Woods, we’re passionate about producing a premium herd, whilst ensuring our cattle are extremely well cared for. We are fully committed to farming in a responsible and sustainable manner.


Find out more about our Dexter Beef Enterprise in a recent feature in our recent blog entry here.

Dexter Orders

You can pre-order our Dexter Beef, and pick up at at Finnebrogue Woods farm on our next Saturday collection morning - 10 February 2018.

Please browse the various cuts and boxes we offer, and then submit your order using the form at the bottom of the page.

If you'd prefer not to pre-order, you can always call in during our collection morning, and just choose from the fresh and frozen stock that we have available.

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The Topside is a staple of butcher’s boards, offering an affordable roasting joint cut from the inner thigh of the hindquarter of the beast.
£14 per kg (approx. 1.8kg per joint)
A joint ideal for those who prefer their beef lean, with the Silverside well suited to both roasting and long, slow cooking.
£13 per kg (approx. 1.5kg per joint)
Eye of Silverside
A lean cut of beef, perfect for roasting and easy carving
£14 per kg (approx. 1.2kg per joint)
Rolled Rib of Beef
Delicious and succulent aged beef, boned and rolled making it easy to carve
£24 per kg (approx. 2kg per joint)
Rump roast
Perfect for a traditional Sunday lunch centrepiece with ample marbling and succulent flavours.
£18 per kg (approx. 2.5kg per joint)
Whole fillet
A luxury celebration joint of prime grass fed beef, with depth of flavour and delicious succulence for the top table.
£32 per kg
Sirloin Roast
This classic roasting joint, with outstanding marbling and flavour, make it a must for a special occasion.
£30 per kg (approx. 1.7kg)


Rib-Eye Steak
This steak promises a full flavoured treat as the fat caramelises and tenderises the meat when cooked.
£14 per pack of 2 (approx 440g)
Sirloin Steak
Delicious steak noted for its deep flavour, dark flesh, and generous marbling that caramelises and tenderises the meat upon cooking.
£14 per pack of 2 (approx 440g)
Rump Steak
Typically dense and rich to taste, Rump Steaks are a deserving alternative to more popular steaks cuts, whatever the occasion.
£10 per pack of 2 (approx 440g)
Flat Iron Steak
The key to its new found popularity is its outstanding flavour, especially when cooked fast and rare, before being thinly sliced.
£8 each (approx. 400g)
Tender and flavoursome; an excellent place to start if you’re looking to try a new kind of steak, a little out of the ordinary.
£9 each (approx. 500g)
Bavette Steak also know as Flank Steak is a great value cut, perfect for frying and serving medium rare to deliver the characteristic flavour of our grass fed beef.
£18/kg (approx. 900g each)
Steak Strips
Our prime steak strips are perfect for dishes such as stroganoff and fajitas.
£7 per 500g
Frying Steak
A lean steak perfect for quick meals and sandwiches
£6 per pack of 2 (approx 500g)

Long & Slow

A great value joint taken from the breast of the beast, and well suited to long, slow cooking for meltingly tender beef.
£11 per kg
Short Ribs / Jacob's Ladder
More tender and meatier than their pork counterparts, Beef Short Ribs are a versatile cut, well suited to slow cooks, as well as marinating and popping under the grill or on the barbecue.
£10.75 per kg
Stewing Steak
Our Stewing Steak is perfect for long, slow cooking, as well as in curries, stir fries, and pies, boasting deep flavour and meltingly tender texture.
£5.50 per 500g
Braising steak
Typically lean and perfect for long, slow cooking to develop unctuous flavours.
£6 per 500g
Shin - bone in
A fantastic cut for braising and long, slow cooking, Beef Shin offers deep flavours and rich melting qualities as the beef breaks down and tenderises in the pot.
£5 per 500g
Ox Tail
Coming with the bone in, our Oxtail is delicious when slow cooked in the pot, complete with rich flavours and tender beef falling off the bone.
£7.50 per kg
Ox Cheeks
A firm favourite for braising, Ox Cheek is well known for its rich flavours to chefs, and irresistible unctuous texture. Slow cooking this cut gives melting tenderness.
£11 per kg
Once you have tried this mince you will never want to go back to supermarket mince. It has a good ratio of fat to meat to give melting tenderness and real taste upon cooking.
£5 per 500g

Other Cuts

Plain - nothing but salt and pepper. Let the meat speak for itself.
4 for £5 (£1.25 each)
Delicious sausages made from our premium Dexter mince. We add little else to the sausagemeat besides 100% British beef, seasoning and spices.
£8.50 per kg (about 16 sausages)
Ox Tongue
An out of favour cut coming back into fashion, Ox Tongue is very nutritious and offers fantastic eating quality, especially sliced in sandwiches.
£7.50 per kg

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Best Wishes, from all of the team at Finnebrogue Woods.