Firewood - Finnebrogue Estate

Quality Firewood From Finnebrogue Woods

Warm your home with our seasoned and locally-sourced hardwood

When the wedding season is over, we’re kept busy at Finnebrogue Woods supplying quality firewood to customers throughout Downpatrick and the surrounding areas. For more than 25 years, our seasoned hardwood has been heating Co. Down homes of all shapes and sizes, with a range of cuts available and affordable prices guaranteed.  Place your order below.


We take great care to produce our wood in a sustainable manner, with most of what we sell being windblown timber from the estate.  We also operate a replanting programme, to ensure our natural landscape is well-maintained and allowed to flourish into the future.


Our traditional drying-out method for the firewood means customers can enjoy better burning blocks with very low moisture content – as little as 15% and guaranteed to be under 20%. We don’t kiln-dry, as we prefer to season our wood in a more natural and environmentally-friendly way.

Affordable firewood for every home

At Finnebrogue Woods, we price all our firewood by volume rather than weight,

at £100 per loose cubic metre for 10 inch & 13 inch logs, and £110 per loose cubic metre for 8 inch logs. 

We strive to offer the most cost-effective rate we can for all our customers, and offer the following three load sizes: 


Heaped Pick-Up Load (1.25m3): £125 / £138 for 8 inch logs

Level Trailer Load (1.5m3): £150 / £165 for 8 inch logs

Heaped Trailer Load (2.5m3): £250 / £275 for 8 inch logs


We offer to stack the wood for you at an extra cost of £15.  We provide free delivery within a 10 road miles of the estate.  Alternatively you can arrange to collect your logs from the estate as preferred.

Please note that, depending on access, we will tip your order as close to your desired location as possible.


Call us on 028 4410 3104 to place your order

Perfect for everything from open fires and stoves, to fire pits and chimineas, our quality firewood is also cleaner and much more efficient, and won’t stain the glass fronts of your stove. The seasoned timber also has a fantastic aroma when burning – the perfect comforting scent on a cold winter’s night.