Seasoned logs are stacked ready to be cut up into firewood ready for sale


Finnebrogue Woods

Seasoned and locally-sourced hardwood

We take great care to produce our Air dried Hardwood in a sustainable manner, the vast majority sourced from Finnebrogue Estate. We also operate a replanting programme, to ensure our natural landscape is well-maintained and allowed to flourish into the future. Not sure whether to choose firewood or hardwood? All our logs are kiln dried below 20% moisture content ensuring hotter flame, low ash and avoiding blocked up flues. The logs are cut to approx 8 inches which are suitable for most stoves and contain 5% brash. Please note, our Kiln Dried Softwood & Hardwood is currently sourced from Co. Fermanagh. Kiln Dried Softwood coming soon...

Firewood options

Due to unprecedented demand unfortunately we are not taking any new firewood orders for the remainder of the 2020/2021 season.

Kiln Dried Softwood

Sold Out

  • Per Cubic Metre (8" only)£85 (incl VAT)

Air Dried Hardwood

Sold Out

  • Small 6-8"£110 (incl VAT)
  • Medium 9-11"£110 (incl VAT)
  • Large 12-14"£110 (incl VAT)

Kiln Dried Hardwood

Sold Out

  • Per Cubic Metre (8" only)£145 (incl VAT)


We deliver free of charge within a 10 mile radius. Prices are based on the load being tipped on customer's premises.

Please get in touch for prices to deliver outside of a 10 mile radius.

You can also opt to collect from the yard.

Finnebrogue Woods seasoned harwood stacked ready for sale with a tarpaulin covering it

Air dried firewood

Our traditional drying-out method for the firewood means customers can enjoy better burning blocks with very low moisture content – as little as 15% and guaranteed to be under 20%. We don’t kiln-dry, as we prefer to season our wood in a more natural and environmentally-friendly way.

Sustainable hardwood lengths are stacked up in the woodyard at Finnebrogue Woods

Smaller bags available in Fodder

We also have a supply of kindling & firewood available in smaller quantities from Fodder, our farm shop and cafe.

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