Four Dexter cows stand on a hill in a green field, the sunset is silhouetted behind them

Dexter Beef

Finnebrogue Woods

Finnebrogue Woods farming

High quality, locally farmed Dexter Beef

Our Dexter cattle herd has grown from 5 to over 100 the past few years. With Nick’s passion for providing an environment that ensures an excellent standard of animal-welfare, and through selective breeding, we are developing one of the best pedigree herds in Ireland. We aim to provide the highest quality, best tasting meat for our customers.

Our Farm

Why Dexter Cattle?

Dexters are a well-established breed worldwide and are the smallest type of British cattle, making them of particular interest to us. One of the key traits of Dexter cattle is that they’re also extremely versatile and adapt well to various climates. At Finnebrogue Woods, we’re passionate about producing a premium herd, whilst ensuring our cattle are extremely well cared for.

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