Christmas Trees ready for the festive season available for pre-order at Finnebrogue Woods

Firewood & Christmas Trees

Freshly Cut Christmas Trees

Our Christmas trees are now in stock and pre-orders are closed, visit us at Finnebrogue Woods to buy your Christmas tree.

Finnebrogue Woods

Fraser Fir

Fraser Firs have the most wonderful aroma with citrus notes. Their dense foliage is a beautiful deep green with a silver-toned underside like the Nordman, Fraser Fir has excellent needle retention.

5' - 6' £30 (incl VAT)
6' -7' £40 (incl VAT)
7' - 8' £45 (incl VAT)
Finnebrogue Woods

Premium Nordman Fir

Nordman Fir is overwhelmingly the most popular choice with its fine symmetrical pyramid shape & strong branches. It's the perfect indoor tree with excellent needle retention.

4' - 5' £25 (incl VAT)
5' - 6' £30 (incl VAT)
6' - 7' £40 (incl VAT)
7' - 8' £45 (incl VAT)
8' - 9' £60 (incl VAT)
Finnebrogue Woods


Did you know? If you buy Firewood from us we will deliver your Christmas tree at the same time!

10 Mile radius. Free of charge with Firewood order £0 (incl VAT)
11-20 Mile Radius with Firewood order £10 (incl VAT)

Firewood options

We deliver by the cubic metre in quantities of 1m, 1.5m, 2m or 2.5m. We deliver in a small trailer which we tip for you in a convenient place. If you would like us to stack your wood this will be an additional £10 per cubic metre.

Finnebrogue Woods

Kiln Dried Softwood

Our premium firewood is predominately Larch and Spruce. It has a similar burning time to Birch or Alder. Coming soon.

Per Cubic Metre (8" only) £85 (incl VAT)
Finnebrogue Woods

Air Dried Hardwood

Per Cubic Metre

Small 6-8" £110 (incl VAT)
Medium 9-11" £110 (incl VAT)
Large 12-14" £110 (incl VAT)
Finnebrogue Woods

Kiln Dried Hardwood

Our premium hardwood is a mix of predominately Ash, Oak and Beech. It typically burns longer and at a higher temperature.

Per Cubic Metre (8" only) £145 (incl VAT)